How to create your own plate wall in 84 (give or take!) easy steps

1. Scour thrift stores for a month or two to find cool plates with personality and color.

2. Experiment with several inexpensive homemade hangers after going to two stores, looking online, and calling a local store with no luck. 

3. Give up, and spend more buying fancy adhesive plate hangers than you paid for the plates. 

4. Painstakingly trace EVERY SINGLE PLATE on paper to cut out and make a template. 

5. Armed with several plate wall pictures, put templates on wall; obsessively arrange, again and again, and again… 

6. Feel despair and frustration that so far you have nothing more than a stack of mismatched plates, and a wall full of paper circles (and one square!) to view.  

To be continued…



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