Adoption is:
Beautiful, yet brutal.

Enriching, yet depleting.

Happiness, yet heartbreaking.

Joyous, yet bittersweet. 

Captivating, yet crushing. 

Highest highs, yet lowest lows.

Exciting, yet sacrificial. 

A new hand to hold, a new forehead to kiss, an endless sea of worry: will I be enough, or will my child always be seeking, missing, yearning for what was lost? 

Gratitude for the gift of a child to treasure, love, and raise. Sadness for missing the first new moments of precious life, and disappointment for not being able to capture the child’s fears of abandonment and loss. 

More love than you can ever imagine being chosen and anointed by God’s hand. It is not by accident, but by design that I am my child’s mom. 

November is National Adoption Month.


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